9.95 ct Green/Red Natural Ammolite/Ammonite Gemstone
9.95 ct Green/Red Natural Ammolite/Ammonite Gemstone


You may or may not already know that Ammolite is generally considered one of the rarest gems on the planet.

Found only in the Rocky Mountains of Canada and the USA this particular stone came to me in a parcel from a friend of a friend who is part of the Kainah Tribe in southern Alberta.

Because of the fragility of Ammolite, gem quality stones like this are usually mined by hand and the amount of labour that goes into mining is absolutely amazing.

Stone Details:

Weight: 9.95 cts
Clarity: Opaque
Colour: Green/Red
Measurements: 17.30x16.84x2.95mm
Shape: Freeform
Origin: Alberta, Canada (Kainah Reserve)


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