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Pearl Necklace 16
Pearl Necklace 16Pearl Necklace 16Pearl Necklace 16


Are you shopping for your Princess or Queen? 

Maybe you are looking to crown yourself as regal?

The legend and lore that surround pearls is unmatched by almost any other gem, every coastal culture known to historians has treasured pearls as precious gifts from the ocean and although generally considered a 'feminine' or 'woman's gem', the silky feel of pearls against your skin is unequaled by any other material, whether from nature, or made by humans. 

The famous gemologist Frederick Kunz wrote of pearls: "The diamond is to the pearl as the sun is to the moon, and we might well call one the “king-gem” and the other the “queen-gem.” The diamond, like a knight of old — brilliant and resistant, is the emblem of fearlessness and invincibility; the pearl, like a lady of old — pure and fair to look upon, is the emblem of modesty and purity."

Pearls are also said to prevent tears and promote good luck and prosperity, what more can one ask for?  

The necklace is 16 inches long with a 1 inch clasp making the total length approximately 17 inches, the lustre is quite impressive! 

The Freshwater Pearls are Potato Shaped with some ringing as you can see in the pictures, each pearl measures approximately 10-11mm 

The clasp is solid .925 sterling silver, and as you can see is very well finished. 

Go out and see how much you would pay for a similar strand of pearls at any retail jewelry store. You will RUN back to your computer to buy these up as quickly as possible.

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