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What gemstone shape (or cut) should I choose?

What shape is best for a sapphire? Which cut is best for an emerald?

These are the types of questions David often gets from customers, and his advice in the video below is to keep an open mind when shopping for gemstones.

For example, you might have seen an emerald cut sapphire and found you didn’t like that particular cut or stone, so you decided that you don’t like emerald cut sapphires at all. If you remain open-minded when you come in to see David at Skyjems, you just might see a higher-quality emerald cut sapphire and fall in love with it.

“Unlike diamonds,” David says, “the cutting is not nearly as prescribed in sapphires or emeralds or rubies, so there’s a lot more variation.” 

Skyjems has beautiful Gemstones available in many different shapes and cuts, including:

Skyjems Pear Cut Gemstones

Pear Cut

Skyjems Emerald Cut Gemstones

Emerald Cut

Skyjems Cushion Cut Gemstones

Cushion Cut

Skyjems Round Cut Gemstones

Round Cut

Skyjems Fancy Fantasy Cut Gemstones

Fancy/Fantasy Cut

 Skyjems Marquise Cut Gemstones

Marquise Cut

He goes on to explain that cutting variations in gemstones can mean that a cut can be too deep, too shallow, it can have too big a table, or too small of a table. 

“So you may have seen an emerald cut sapphire you didn’t like,” David continues, “but then you come in to see me, and see an emerald cut sapphire that you love. Don’t not buy the emerald cut sapphire that you love because you saw one emerald cut sapphire that you didn’t like.”

So what shape is best for gemstones? There isn’t one!

“It’s what you like,” David stresses.

When you find a stone that you love, the shape of its cut simply doesn't matter.

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