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Custom jewellery questionnaire

Please tell us about your jewellery idea and the person who will wear it.

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What type of jewellery are you interested in?
How often will it be worn?
If this is an engagement ring, do you want a wedding band to match it or fit together?
Please describe the wearer’s fashion style and personality.

For example, the person may tend to dress in one of these styles:

What is the wearer’s preferred jewellery style?

Please list the SKU, which you can find by clicking on the picture of the stone and then scrolling to the end of the description.

Do you have photos to add?

If you have your own gems from an older piece or heirloom that you want to include, or if you have a photo of something you’d like to match, or a style you’d like to duplicate, you can attach them in the next step, after you submit.

do you have anything else you’d like to tell us or ask about?

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When you submit your design request, this information will be sent to David Saad of and kept in the strictest of confidence. We will contact you shortly to follow-up and arrange a consultation to begin building your custom piece.



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