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Skyjems Virtual World Tour: Colombia!

Wander the colourful streets of Cartagena, Colombia!
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

Visit Colombia, Land of Emeralds!

In this week's edition of the Skyjems virtual world tour, we're heading to Colombia to learn about the country's mesmerizing emeralds. Mountains, beaches, and jungles await in this culturally rich country that is also famous for its gorgeous green gemstones.

This week, I'm also excited to share my recent video blog post discussing why emeralds have inclusions. You can click the video below to learn more:

Click here to watch David explain why emeralds have inclusions!

Get yourself a coffee, tea or beverage of your choice, get yourself comfortable, and join me for another instalment in our incredible virtual world tour!

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As always, I love to hear from my customers. If you have any questions or comments, please never hesitate to contact me.

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Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Colombia with Google Earth! Visit Bogotá's Museum of Gold with Google Arts and Culture!

Own a beautiful piece of Colombia!
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