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Should the engagement ring and the wedding band match?

The answer is an emphatic yes! 

In the short video below, David explains why matching the wedding band and the engagement ring is important.

Matching can be an especially good idea when you’re designing a bespoke engagement ring, since you might require a uniquely-shaped band to fit under the engagement ring’s stone.

“If we’re making a wedding ring, very often we’re going to have to make the wedding band a nesting wedding band that’s going to sit next to the ring, because a round wedding band won’t sit next to the head of the engagement ring that we’ve made.” 

That said, David also explains that it’s not necessary to buy the wedding band at the same time as the custom engagement ring. Since the rings are designed using CAD computer software, the file is saved and can be referenced again when it comes time to create the matching wedding band.

"We'll fit it together in the CAD file, and then go ahead from there," David says.

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