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Tiffany and Co. recently discovered tanzanite and it is only found in one place on earth. It was found in a country named Tanzania. The gem was name after the country. Most crystals comes in different colors depending on viewing direction, but cutters have a choice to pick the bluish purple or the very favored pure blue or the violetish blue hue depending on how much weight the cutter wants to retain from the rough. Weight value in size and shape.

Tanzanite comes from the mineral Zoisite, which has a variety of colors. It is mined commercially only in one area of the world: the Merelani Hills of Tanzania. This gem is unique because of its variety of colors in a viewing direction. The blue itself is beautiful and then to have more colors makes it interested. For no other gems had variety of colors so that separated the popularity among the stones.

The crystal has different colors when you hold it up in a certain direction. The usual color is the blue. The gem is relatively new to the stone galaxy. Soon people came to see the crystals, but didn’t know what the crystals were called in the 1960’s. Even though they didn’t know its name at that time they still wanted to lay claim to the profits because they were certain the profits would be rolling in.

Tiffany & Company recognized its potential as an international seller and made a deal to become its main distributor. Tiffany named the gem after the country it came from, and promoted it with a big publicity campaign in 1968. Almost overnight, tanzanite was popular with leading jewelry designers and other gem professionals, as well as with customers who had an eye for beautiful and unusual gems. (

The gem became popular for its vivid colors that no other gem had. It was of high clarity, and potential for large cut stones which is very expensive. Tanzanite is available in a wide range of shapes but cushion and oval cuts are most common in the jewelry stores.

Few people outside the gem industry realize the true nature of a gemstone’s journey from the mine to the counter of a store. Whether the gem is being offered to consumer’s at a traditional jewelry store’s counter, an internet shopping site, or a television broadcast the journey always involves a great deal of effort. Tons of earth and countless hours of labor are needed to being a gem from mine to market. (

Usually, consumers didn’t care how you got the gem but they did care where it came from. Most people will try to go and find the stone to make their own profit but it’s a lot of work. Something they know nothing about. Some countries are hard to get into because of their security and laws. Then they find out you are in search of stones, which will make war for some.
The birthstone for the month of December is Tanzanite, along with zircon, turquoise and blue topaz. Tanzanite is the gem for a 24th Wedding anniversary.

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