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Topaz can be finished into an almost limitless variety of jewellery due to its versatility. It is a silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine. A good hardness and availability in desirable colors makes Topaz one the most popular gemstones. The most valuable colors of Topaz are the golden orange-yellow type and the dark pinkish-red and orange-red colors. Value increases with a deepness of color in orange and reddish hues. Blue is the most commonly used color of Topaz in jewellery making.

Pure topaz is colorless and transparent but is usually tinted by impurities. Typical topaz is wine red, yellow, pale gray, reddish-orange, or blue brown. It can also be made white, pale green,blue, gold, pink (rare), reddish-yellow or opaque to transparent/translucent.

Imperial Topaz is the rarest and the most expensive type. It appears to have a golden-orange-pink colour under daylight and orange-pink under incandescent light. It is awfully popular and the most sought after gem by jewellers.

Precious Topaz is a yellow crystal and is highly valuable than other synthetic or man-made topaz gems. The term “sherry topaz” is often used by the traders for yellowish brown or brownish yellow to orange topaz.

Naturally occurring Blue Topaz is quite rare. Topaz stones generally undergo an irradiation treatment to enhance their colour. Colourless or smoky topaz gems when heat treated and exposed to irradiation, bring into being beautiful different colours. The colour mostly results in blue and other shades of silver, green or teal. They are not true topaz stones and are relatively inexpensive. A variety of shades of blue are available like Sky blue, London blue, Swiss blue, Light blue, Sierra blue and Electric blue.

Smoky Topaz Gems are quartz like crystals that are not precious gems technically, but are often confused as being real topaz.

White Topaz is a clear and transparent type with Glacier topaz as the purest kind. These are untreated because of their clear purity.

Mystic topaz is colorless which has been artificially coated giving it the rainbow effect. A fashioned topaz that exhibits a combination of two colors is known as bicolor topaz. Some gemologists say that pink topaz, frequently called rose topaz, resembles a pink diamond or a bright pink sapphire. Pink topaz has definite advantages over diamond and pink sapphire that it’s much less expensive than pink diamond, and it’s extensively available in larger sizes than either of the two gemstones.

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