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Diamond Concierge is now offering a "call us last" diamond concierge service.

Because we have been wholesale coloured gemstone dealers for over fifty five years we have a large network of diamond suppliers we can tap into to find the best value possible.  

What is a "call us last" diamond concierge service? 

It's something I started to help out friends who wanted to buy diamonds, I would simply tell them "Go out and figure out what it is you are looking for, shape, carat, clarity, colour and cut, then once you have a couple of quotes, come back to me and I'll find a couple of gems which are comparable and give you a wholesale price, that way you either get to confirm that the price you are getting is indeed EXCELLENT, or, you can buy the diamond from one of the diamond dealers in our network."

If you are interested in our "call us last" diamond concierge service, please contact us via the form below:

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