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Topaz is said to take its name from the Greek word Topazos, the ancient name of St. John’s Island where yellow gemstones were mined. Other lore suggests that it comes from the Sanskrit word tapas, meaning fire. The stone occurs in a variety of colours including red, pink, purple, orange, brown, yellow, green, and blue, which is the most common colour. The durability, versatility, and widespread availability of topaz make it a great choice for all kinds of jewellery. Colourless topaz can even be mistaken for diamond when it is brilliant-cut, though Imperial Topaz, with its fiery golden oranges and yellows, is the most valuable colour. 

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Gift Guide

  • August Birthstone (15th to 20th Century)
  • November Birthstone (Modern, US and Britain)
  • Sagittarius Astrological Gemstone
  • 4th and 23rd Wedding Anniversaries
  • Day of the Week: Sunday

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